Barangay Profile

        Barangay Poblacion is the center of commerce and progress in Balanga. Could be found here are big establishments like commercial establishments and schools (provincial and national).

     The original Poblacion was composed of the following zones: Gitna, Gipit, P. Velarda, Calle del Govierno, Omboy, Canalizo and Camposanto. Names were changed and the zones are known as Paterno St and Aguirre St (Gitna), Bonifacio St (Gipit), Rizal St and Talisay St (Calle del Govierno), Gallardo St (Omboy), Camacho St (Canalizo) and St. Joseph St (Camposanto). Camposanto was formerly a cemetery.

        The plaza before, just like today, is at corner of Camposanto Gipit and Calle Del Govierno. It is bounded by the Municipal Hall (City Hall today), Catholic Church and the Provincial Capitol.

        At the back of the Capitol could be found the Public Market. As time flies, the Arellano Memorial (Bataan) High School, which was formerly located at the premises of the Paaralang Elementarya ng Balanga (Balanga Elementary School), was transferred at the eastern side of the Plaza.

        The “sitios” of Cupang, Cataning, San Jose, Malabia, Ibayo and Bagumbayan – Talisay were also considered part of Poblacion. Only Tenejero and Puerto Rivas (including the islet of the Tortugas which is part of it) were not acknowledged as part of Poblacion. Bounderies of each Barangay was gradually settled from the last years of the Spanish rule until the coming of the Americans in Balanga. Today, Poblacion is the third smallest Barangay with an area of 21.84 hectares.